Earthmover was founded in 2022 by Ryan Abernathey and Joe Hamman, two climate scientists who wanted to build a data platform to help accelerate progress on scientific research and solutions around climate change. We incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to ensure that the company always stays true to our mission.

Mission Statement

To empower people to use scientific data to solve humanity’s greatest challenges


At Earthmover, we envision a world in which scientific data can be explored, visualized, analyzed, shared, and built-upon effortlessly. Our cloud data platform will provide a foundation for people and organizations to create new scientific knowledge and data-driven products which will help humans thrive in sustainable harmony with each other and with our planet. Our company will cultivate a healthy and inclusive work culture and become a key trusted partner to industry, government, and academia while contributing broadly to a multi-stakeholder open-source ecosystem.

The Team

Ryan Abernathey's photo'

Ryan Abernathey

Co-Founder & CEO

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Joe Hamman

Co-Founder & CTO

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Oli McCormack

Founding Engineer

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Orestis Herodotou

Founding Engineer

The Investors

Our lead investor is Costanoa Ventures.

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