tag: dev-note

A status update on the development of Zarr-Python 3.

Note: This post was originally published on the Zarr developer blog. We released Zarr-Python 2.18.0 this week. Although this release was quite light in terms of user-facing changes, it represents the beginning of a new phase for the project. In this post, we’ll walk through our plan for Zarr-Python 3.0 and what users of the library can expect in the coming months. Zarr-Python 2.18 Before we get into the 3.0 release, we’ll first cover a few details about the 2.18 release series. The first thing to know is that we will continue to support 2.18 with bug fixes up until the release of 3.0. Additionally, we expect to use the 2.18 series to communicate changes in the Zarr-Python API, which will come in 3.0. For example, this week’s release included a number of new deprecation warnings for part…
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